Five Vehicle Features The Whole Family Will Love

Mother turns around to her children on the back seat of car

When shopping for a family vehicle, it’s important to consider features that enhance convenience, safety, and comfort. According to Autobytel, these are five features families shouldn’t go without.

Rear Seat Entertainment System

If you’re searching for a family vehicle that will help make your traveling experience easier. A rear seat entertainment system should be on your must-have features list. A rear seat entertainment system will keep your little ones occupied on long road trips, which can make the journey more enjoyable for both kids and parents. An entertainment system allows children to watch movies or play video games, which helps to prevent boredom and restlessness. The 2023 Ford Escape is equipped with a dual screen rear seat entertainment system that can eliminate bickering over what to watch while you’re on the road. With this feature, parents can focus on driving while their kids stay entertained and happy in the back seat.

Household Style Power Outlet

You probably thought you had a busy life before you had children, but afterward the word “busy” doesn’t begin to describe your schedule. Actually, what is a schedule? With so little time and so much to do, multi-tasking becomes a necessity, and a vehicle with household style power outlet can help you get everything done.  While you’re on the go, rushing from work, to school, to sporting event, recitals, and playdates, you can plug in your laptop and knock out work tasks or schedule appointments. Going on a long trip or supplying snacks for the little league team? Plug in a minifridge and keep everything cool. You’ll find a power outlet in the latest, Ford Escape and Ford Expedition.

Surround-View Parking

Having a surround-view parking system can be very advantageous, especially when driving with rambunctious kids on board. This feature provides a 360-degree view of the vehicle’s surroundings, making it easier to navigate tight parking spaces and avoid obstacles. With kids in the car, it can be difficult to keep track of everything that’s going on outside, so having a surround-view parking system can provide added peace of mind for parents. Additionally, it can help prevent accidents, which is particularly important when children are present. The system is also useful for maneuvering in tight spaces, such as parking garages, where visibility can be limited. Overall, a surround-view parking system is a valuable feature for any family vehicle, providing safety, convenience, and peace of mind.

Keyless Proximity Entry

Keyless proximity entry is a feature that allows you to unlock and start your vehicle without using a traditional key. Instead, the system uses a fob or key card that communicates with the car’s sensors when you are in close proximity to the vehicle. This technology provides several benefits, including convenience and enhanced security. With keyless proximity entry, you don’t need to fumble around with keys, which can be particularly useful when you have your hands full. Additionally, the system provides enhanced security as it is much harder to steal a vehicle that uses this type of entry system. Finally, some systems can be programmed to recognize multiple drivers, adjusting seat positions and other settings to suit individual preferences automatically. Overall, keyless proximity entry is a useful and practical feature that provides convenience, security, and personalization.

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Hands free Power Liftgate

A hands-free power liftgate is a must-have feature for families. It provides convenience and safety when you’re loading and unloading your vehicle. This feature allows you to open the liftgate automatically with a simple foot motion, which is particularly useful when your hands are full with groceries, sports equipment, or a baby stroller. This means that you can easily load and unload items without having to set them down or juggle them while trying to open the liftgate manually.

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